Switzerlands #1 Event for Guitars, Basses, Amps, Effect Pedals and Accessories

Guitar Fest is an event focused on bringing together guitar and music enthusiasts. It provides a platform for private collectors, builders, distributors, retail shops, and technicians to sell, buy, trade or exhibit their guitars, amplifiers, effects, accessories, and services. It is also an opportunity for the public to meet guitar and gear gurus, chat with builders and technicians, and rub shoulders with local and famous musicians browsing alongside them.

Builders and distributors get to present their products to a large and interested crowd (1500+ visitors). Retail shops have an extra oppotunity to sell of their best sellers and b-stock and everyobdy including visitors can bring and sell their equipment to make some bucks for new gear purchases. There will also be numerous presentations, workshops and showcases throughout the day, a warm up show on Saturday night, plus bars and food trucks. To enjoy this one of a kind event, you only need one thing: your love for hand made music.

Bars & Foodtrucks

Get a drink, have a bite, share a laugh. The food court at Guitar Fest is not only about filling your belly with something edible, it is about enjoying a great and tasty Sunday lunch. More like a small food festival outside the venue, you get to sample several, sometimes exotic small portions. Your will also find two bars with a carefully selected variety of local beers and many refreshing drinks to choose from.

Prize Raffle

The necessary amount of play and excitement besides playing your strings is also provided. Really great prices such as guitars, amplifiers, accessories, cables, headphones and much more are waiting for you on the raffle table.

Admission Fee

The admission Fee to enter guitar paradise is only CHF 7.00.


There are a hand full of great hotels in walking distance to the venue:

Hotel Landhaus > www.landhaus-burgdorf.ch

Hotel Orchidee > www.hotel-orchidee

Hotel Berchtold > www.hotel.b5tobe.ch

For more options see > www.emmental.ch